Global Cat Day 2023

Recognizing the role felines play in our lives today and historically

The Global Cat Day 2023 theme, Cats Are CommunityTM, is a rallying call of this global truth: Cats have lived alongside people for thousands of years, have a place in our communities, and are beings of inherent value who deserve to be protected.

Cats are our family, our friends, and our neighbors who live indoors with us and outdoors among us. Our unique relationships with them span thousands of years and cross every border. Love for cats is a universal language in itself.

But even with so much history together, cats still face cruel threats to their lives every day.

Global Cat Day is a day for all to become cat advocates, be the voice cats cannot be for themselves, and defend cats as we would any member of our community.

Help Alley Cat Allies and The Big Bad Woof spread the most important information; the kind that saves cats’ lives.

In a perfect world, Global Cat Day would simply be a celebration of our worldwide love for cats. But the reality is cats still need us to protect them every day.

Alley Cat Allies and our movement of dynamic, dedicated advocates has made hard-fought progress in changing hearts and minds about cats, bringing humane, effective programs for cats into the mainstream, and establishing laws and policies that protect cats rather than kill them. But our work is far from over, and all true change starts with education.

~ Post sponsored by Alley Cat Allies

While Global Cat Day was a few days ago, we can all work year round to help our Community care for cats. Look for an upcoming “build an outdoor shelter event for cats” this Fall, and donate to your favorite cat advocacy group or give goods and food to The Big Bad Woof, and we will make sure it goes to a local rescue.