Saying Goodbye to YaYa

We knew it was coming. I thought it would be last year but she just kept chugging along in good health with stiff old bones, cloudy eyes and a great attitude. She still greeted everyone and was quick to give a kiss or be hugged without complaint. The highlight of our days were her greetings in the house, whether she got up or not to say hello. After all, she was between 15 and 16 years we think, a failed foster from the Washington Animal Rescue League.

In mid-May she stopped being exuberant about her food, and would only take a few bites. Then on the fourth day she stumbled and we know not to wait or hold her from what comes next. Her regular vet was out of town, and so we called Two Sisters Mobile Veterinary Care who re-arranged their schedule to come out the next morning. Their care and kindness was unbounded as we said goodbye to our dear girl.

I did not realize how much I would miss her, and the house became so quiet in the wake of her passing. My partner and I had made a promise that we would not introduce any new dogs until this time came. Yaya-Zen started as a stray on the streets of DC, and came to live in a home where she was loved deeply.

Now, fostering is our time to help other pups like her have a chance at a loving home.

Farewell Yaya-Zen!