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    Non-Toxic Pest Management for Your Companion Animals – Part 1

    As flea and tick season arrives in the Mid-Atlantic U.S., we review recommended products to protect pets. Highlights include Earth Animal's internal powder, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, a quality flea comb, Kleen Green enzyme cleaner, ultrasonic Tickless devices, non-toxic squeeze-ons, and repellent sprays with essential oils. Reach out for personalized advice on these pet-safe solutions.

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    Bladder Control & Incontinence

    Canine and feline urinary incontinence involves involuntary urine leakage, a condition distinct from purposeful inappropriate urination. In dogs, especially neutered and senior females, it can range from small leaks to full voiding, potentially indicating a UTI. For both species, various products and supplements are available to assist with diagnosis, manage symptoms, and protect home environments from accidents. These include special litters, testing strips, bladder control supplements, and absorbent pads or diapers.

  • Safety

    Check your Peanut Butter labels first!

    How many times have you had Pet Professionals, your local pet supply store, your neighbors and your friends tell you about using Peanut Butter in your pup’s favorite toy, to re-activate a bone, or to give medicine in a tasty treat? In all fairness, it has been relatively safe all these years, but now there is a hidden danger in SOME Peanut Butter brands that could be lethal for your favorite companion. That danger is a sugar substitute called Xylitol, and while it is safe for people, even a small amount of this substance can be cause dramatic illness and even death in canines. Ingestion of as little as 0.1…

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    The Do’s and Do-Not-Do’s of the Dog Park

    A fruitful visit to the dog park requires preparation and vigilance. Ensure your dog is well-exercised, trained, and sociable. Observe park rules, assess the environment without your pet first, and understand your dog's body language to prevent conflicts. Always be attentive, pick up after your dog, and use positive reinforcement. Avoid bringing treats, retractable leashes, and ensure your dog isn't overwhelmed by long stays.

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    Safety of Soresto Flea Collars Examined

    At The Big bad Woof we are always trying to find natural ways to prevent fleas and ticks, and having had a number of “seizure dogs” over the years, we have avoided using flea collars with pesticides which may cause adverse reactions. Susan Thixton posted today about a lawsuit regarding Soresto flea collars which the public needs to know, especially if they have used this product. Recently a lawsuit against Seresto flea collars was settled for $15 million. Pet owners would be eligible for “up to $13” for every collar purchased, and “If your pet died in a manner ‘allegedly related’ to wearing a Seresto product, you’re eligible for $300 plus medical…

  • Dental Care

    What Big White Teeth You Have!

    It’s February and a great time to think about dental health! February is not just the month of love and friendship; it’s also Pet Dental Month. Those who closely follow pet blogs, vlogs, or social media platforms are likely familiar with this event, which highlights the critical role that dental health plays in the overall well-being of our furry friends. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to extend the same care we take of our own teeth to our pets. Routine dental care is essential, yet it’s often an overlooked aspect of pet health. Poor dental hygiene can lead to various health issues in pets, including gum disease, tooth loss,…

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    What You Need to Know About Animal Blood Banks

    Every once in a while I am reminded of how critical animal blood banks are and why we should also spread the word on what they are and how they work. Have a healthy animal that could donate blood? Ask your vet or contact a local blood bank in your area. Here is a great article from Animal Wellness Magazine with more details. “Dogs and cats in emergencies, after surgeries, or with certain diseases might have to rely on blood products from an animal blood bank. If you’ve never heard of these life-saving organizations or are considering volunteering your fur baby as a donor, here’s what you need to know!…

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    The skinny on green tripe

    I first learned the word “tripe” from that episode of The Simpsons where Lisa becomes vegetarian. People usually quote “you don’t win friends with salad,” but what stuck with me is “you can’t seriously expect us to swallow that tripe?!” and then the kids are served tripe. That joke went over my head back then as I hadn’t yet experienced Vietnamese Pho, and so didn’t recognize tripe as a legitimate ingredient, nor understand what exactly it is. Now I know better. Tripe is considered “offal,” which is the viscera or trimmings of a butchered animal.  Specifically, tripe is the stomach lining from cows and other ruminant or grazing animals. This trait…