Help HRA Help Animals

The pandemic is blamed for almost as many things as broke Millennials or sensitive Gen Zers are. However, the quarantine phase of the pandemic yielded a lot of good, too. People suddenly had a lot of time and a lot of folks opted to welcome pets into their lives.

According to The Washington Post “More than 23 million U.S. households — nearly one in five nationwide — have adopted a pet during the coronavirus pandemic.”

As the pandemonium normalizes and society reconnects (and the global economy does whatever its doing) there is a dire consequence; many people are no longer able to afford caring for their fur family. A huge number of animals are being surrendered to shelters, and even abandoned.

The article continues: “Middle- and upper-class households are spoiling their companions with new toys, top-shelf foods and luxurious day care and boarding accommodations. Meanwhile, pet adoption for lower-income households is slipping out of reach.”

The inclusion of this fact is not meant to be ironic. The Big Bad Woof prides itself on offering a variety of quality toys and top-shelf healthy food. But we strive to give back to the community too; 

  • We collect and deliver donations to pantries all over the DMV.
  • Participate, promote and produce regular adoption drives and fundraisers.
  • Our employees are paid for their time spent volunteering.
  • We provide a free starter kit for every adoption.

The work never ends and we have no intention of easing up. “Animal shelters across the country told The Washington Post that they have seen an influx of pet surrenders this year as inflation retains its chokehold on household budgets.“

HRA is getting some heat for poor conditions and sub-standard treatment in their shelters. The messages from sources are conflicting, but one thing is very clear: HRA needs our help. 

A former colleague of mine used to quote someone who said “time and money are never the issue, just a measurement of value.” Time and money are the currency.

How will you spend yours? Shaking your head? Or helping?

Volunteering one’s time is noble. Fostering animals is enriching. Donations of money and goods are hugely impactful. Please take inventory of your assets and spend them