Sanctuary is one of my favorite words. To me it signifies so many things, shelter from the storm, safety, respite, time to heal. For animals it can be a multitude of those things as well, but with any hardship, the road there can be daunting and fraught with trials.

Recently, I visited a small animal sanctuary in Dickerson, MD near the much larger and more well-known Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary is a working farm with approx 30+ acres and is home to a multitude of livestock, including horses (and mini-horses), cows, goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs and poultry. Rudy, the head of the rescue also takes in companion animals and helps place them through a partnership with another local companion animal rescue.

Montgomery County has utilized Barking Holler for re-homing of livestock that is taken into their care via the Animal Control arm of Humane Rescue. While support may be ongoing in terms of the animals care during a trial, and or judgement, after that it is up to this small non-profit to take care of its wards through donations of time, money and goods. 

It takes a tremendous amount of dedication to open your arms and property to beings for the sole purpose of creating a safe space for them. In the time during Covid it becomes increasingly more difficult to raise awareness. That is why we want to talk about this idea which becomes a space, a location, a calling for some special beings who give back in the most extra-ordinary of ways.

We will be highlighting various local sanctuaries in the months to come, to give them some exposure and let people know how they can contribute if they are able through donations of time or financially. 

This is an important part of our local community and we love sharing spotlights with groups who are doing good. Stay tuned for updates…….