Open Heart

Working at The Big Bad Woof has all the challenges of running a small business, but there are times when an interaction with a “customer” is magic. Yesterday was one of those days.

I was in the Delivery Office where I live most days, and heard one of our staff saying they could not get a dog to come into the store through the back door. I stepped onto the loading dock and there was the most beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy, in that awkward stage of development where they are skittish of anything new. 

I watched as they offered treats, and there would be two steps forward – one step back. After observing for a moment I held out my hand and slipped near the pup, then just scooped her up by her front and hinds legs and carried her into the store. As I was walking with her close to my chest, I heard her guardian say they were trying to get a new harness so I headed to that area of the store.

Placing her gently on the floor, I sat down and leaned back on a cabinet,  spreading my legs in front of me. She was wary and let out a bit of fear peeing, but she kept turning and looking at me. I lightly touched her jowls, her ears, and next thing I know she had her front paws on my lp and was alternating between kisses and those loving looks of feeling safe, that it was going to be okay.

Her name, Bella, so well suited her. We removed the harness and I asked her guardian to pick out a collar so we could secure her and also add tags “just in case”. Bella’s new mom came back with a lovely pick collar and the information that she was just 4 months old. I fitted her new collar and continued to stroke her head, using TTouch techniques I learned from Pam Wanveer. 

The best part, all the animal handling I’ve learned that works starts with an Open Heart. This big puppy reminded me that every day we need to take the time to feel that expansiveness and invite other beings in. Thanks to Bella, this was my magic moment.