Special Needs? Who’s Kidding Who?

In 2022 we decided to add another feline to the house as a companion for our lovely big male, Greyjoy. Off to our local shelter, the Humane Rescue Alliance we went with the intention of checking out a Maine Coon who was there. While waiting we stopped in the cat room and met Saint, a diminutive Tuxedo cat missing her right rear leg. Very sweet, but not what we were there for, so off we go to the area where very stressed kitties are held. Needless to say, the cat we visited was not going to be a good fit for a canine / feline / human household.

. So back to Saint. After a very brief discussion on how she came to be a tripod, she was on her way home with us. As always we sequestered her into an area of the house to get acquainted with the sounds, smells and sights associated with any move, and slowly started introducing her in tiny bits of time to the rest of our home. In less than 6 weeks, she took over the 7″ cat tree on the first floor, the small 2-tiered tree in our office and every other facet of the house.

Greyjoy was effectively conceding all of his favored spots to her. While they only circled each other at a distance they were hanging out like distant relatives who really did not care for each other. Speed up to today, they are playing, and Smidgen (aka Saint) does not give an inch no matter that she is one leg short and half his size.

Oh, yes, if you want to know how she came to be a tripod in the first place? When I told out veterinarian and friend, Dr. Dan Shillito who was a shelter vet at WARL (formerly the Washington Animal Rescue League) he just smiled and said , “Ah, Children!”. You see, children will often try to make their pets pretty by putting hairbands around their legs, not realizing they are growing. By the time the adults in the room notice, the leg is infected and the safest thing is to remove it.

So yes, if you are thinking of adopting a special needs animal, realise there may be additional care, but boy is it worth it!