I have been the co-owner of The Big Bad Woof for the past 18 years, and am an avid animal lover, Aikidokai, and kayaker. I also love good food, long walks and fitness which has kept me years young!

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    Global Cat Day 2023

    Recognizing the role felines play in our lives today and historically The Global Cat Day 2023 theme, Cats Are CommunityTM, is a rallying call of this global truth: Cats have lived alongside people for thousands of years, have a place in our communities, and are beings of inherent value who deserve to be protected. Cats are our family, our friends, and our neighbors who live indoors with us and outdoors among us. Our unique relationships with them span thousands of years and cross every border. Love for cats is a universal language in itself. But even with so much history together, cats still face cruel threats to their lives every…

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    Sanctuary is one of my favorite words. To me it signifies so many things, shelter from the storm, safety, respite, time to heal. For animals it can be a multitude of those things as well, but with any hardship, the road there can be daunting and fraught with trials. Recently, I visited a small animal sanctuary in Dickerson, MD near the much larger and more well-known Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. Barking Holler Animal Sanctuary is a working farm with approx 30+ acres and is home to a multitude of livestock, including horses (and mini-horses), cows, goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs and poultry. Rudy, the head of the rescue also takes in…

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    The Hidden Beauty of Radio Silence

    We recently adopted a new younger dog who is very athletic, and the upside is that a dedicated portion the day needs to be spent walking him in the neighborhood. Even better are the days when scheduling allows exploring the local parks available in the area. As a person who has had dogs for years I thought I know many of the cool places to walk and hike nearby, but I have found that I am now searching for new places to visit with him, and not only allow him plenty of time to absorb new sounds and smell, but to also allow me to have a bit of Radio…

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    Our New Local, Non-GMO Chicken Feed

    My maternal Grandmother supplied chicken eggs and dairy to her small rural community of approx 1000 people for many years, and when visiting her as a child in West Texas I learned about candling and sorting eggs to get ready for sale. I know that is part of my love for and fascination with Urban chickens, and why we sell chicken feed and supplements at The Big Bad Woof. We have been supporting local chickens and their guardians for a number of years, and at the beginning this was easy, but when the Pandemic hit a lot changed, including our challenges with getting the feed to the store at a…

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    Summer PetCare Safety Tips

    The Summer is great time to enjoy the outdoors but can present challenges in terms of high heat, smoke from wildfires, and how to protect special categories like seniors, and animals with short snouts. In general, temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit can quickly get extra risky, so try to avoid going outdoors if it’s anything hotter than that. Walking in the Summer should be planned for early morning or evening when the sun is not so intense. If you live in an area with a park, that is ideal and the trees can provide welcome relief from direct sunlight. This is especially important if you are exercising as heat stroke can occur…

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    Suncare for Pups

    Several years ago I spoke to Rita Hogan about developing a suncare product for dogs that would be safe, effective and all natural. I am so pleased that she published this recipe in Dogs Naturally Magazine as a wonderful DIY solution for pups that have very short hair or are all white in color, like our failed foster pup, Pooka. Natural SPF For Dogs “Carrot Seed Oil: Carrot seed oil has an average SPF of 35. Note: I’m not referring to carrot seed essential oil – don’t use this. Make sure you buy a cold-pressed carrot seed oil made from carrot seeds. Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Yes, another reason to love raspberries. This oil has a…

  • Rescue & Adoption

    Pacific Has Found his Forever Home!

    Pacific came into the shelter with a bone stuck at the top of his stomach, and his family did not have the funds to have it removed, so the Humane Rescue Alliance stepped in and gave him the medical care he desperately needed! Then we took him as our medical foster and began his recovery process both physically and behaviorally. We think he is an American Bull Terrier due to his long legs and winning personality. What a gem! Now he is ready to find his new forever home and we have learned a lot from his stay with us during his recovery. Here are all the great things we…

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    Fireworks & Loud Noises

    Many animals find holidays with loud noises and especially fireworks frightening, and worse. Guardians will often see their pets struggling, either frozen with fear or, in the most dangerous circumstances – bolting, rearing up or charging fences. In situations like these, it’s hard to know how to react or what to do. Especially if you’re a new pet parent, it may not be something you’ve even considered in advance of firework season. We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure your animals have tags that are up to date and secure, microchip information is accurate, and your property is secure as well. Having an airtag accessory on the collar can…

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    Empty the Fridge Ice Treats

    Our friend, Danielle at Farmina Pet Food shared this ice treat recipe with us and she literally empties the fridge to make these for her pups. Start with a mixture of raw goat’s milk or cow kefir and bone broth in a 2:1 ratio, add in fresh berries, banana, oats, and other yummy items from the fridge, lightly stir the mix and put it in an ice mold or ice tray, freeze and you are all ready with healthy pupcicles for your favorite companionI Remember – grapes are deadly to so do not include them in this mix!

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    Saying Goodbye to YaYa

    We knew it was coming. I thought it would be last year but she just kept chugging along in good health with stiff old bones, cloudy eyes and a great attitude. She still greeted everyone and was quick to give a kiss or be hugged without complaint. The highlight of our days were her greetings in the house, whether she got up or not to say hello. After all, she was between 15 and 16 years we think, a failed foster from the Washington Animal Rescue League. In mid-May she stopped being exuberant about her food, and would only take a few bites. Then on the fourth day she stumbled…